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Todd Aaron

Todd Aaron

Tyler, TX


Photographer - Adventurer - Explorer - Artist

I create beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, night time landscapes and night sky images to hang on your walls or to license for commercial uses such as book illustrations, advertising, travel industry, etc.

The first memory I can recall of being fascinated with photography was when I was in the 7th grade in Art class. I had the opportunity to build a pinhole camera from scratch and then use it to make photographs which I developed in the dark room. Fast forward quite a few years and I am still fascinated with photography and excited about the ability to use it to create art that conveys the feeling, beauty and awe of the world, the way I see and feel it in person.

I love to explore, whether by hiking away from populated areas to find locations that are not seen by many... going out late at night around 2 or 3am to shoot night landscapes or the Milky Way when conditions are right... travelling to explore an area I've never seen… or heading out early in the morning before most people wake up to get to a location and catch the sunrise.

All images are Copyright 2003-2016 Todd Aaron. All Rights Reserved. Copying and/or distributing these images without my permission is strictly prohibited.


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